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You have already found your wedding dress, this beautiful piece of clothing that will accompany you on one of the most important days of your life. In fact, it is important that you feel beautiful and attractive in order to have full confidence in yourself on D-day. It is from this perspective that you will also choose a wedding makeup that will reveal your natural beauty throughout the festivities, from the ceremony to even the wedding games of her night.

You are not necessarily used to wearing makeup or just a little, do you like sober and elegant looks? Then natural wedding makeup is for you. Discover all its secrets here.

1. Don’t overdo it

If you had to keep only one rule, this would be it. The key to successful natural makeup is, of course, having a light hand! For example, it is better to choose to focus only on the eyes or lips, but not both at the same time. In general, focus on your complexion, which should be healthy and smooth, and gently apply highlights to strategic points on your face.

2. Make-up in daylight

Since the purpose of your wedding makeup is to blend discreetly with the natural appearance of your skin, consider applying makeup in daylight. This is the best way to see the result that you will publish on your wedding day. If not, use at least mixed lighting for your beauty.

3. Prepare your skin well

The key to successful natural makeup: the complexion. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the skin in the weeks and even months before D-day. Clean and remove makeup every day. Moisturize the skin with a suitable treatment. Exfoliate once a week to bring light. This will allow you when the time comes not to have to apply too much material and stay in a light wedding makeup idea.


4. Apply the right base

Choose a light foundation for a brown, red, or blonde bride. Use a liquid foundation or CC cream for this purpose. Be careful never to select a foundation darker than your natural complexion. Choose it, for example, half a tone below that of your skin. Apply your product with a brush for a smooth and fresh complexion and don’t forget the neckline and neckline according to the shape of your wedding dress for a natural look.

5. A luminous complexion

Beyond a unifying base, you have to look for light to show a natural and fresh complexion. To do this, feel free to use a brightening serum to apply on D-day to brighten your face. This type of product also has the advantage of helping to set makeup. Think correction pens and complexion highlighters to apply in small discreet touches so your face catches all the light from the sparkles!

6. A soft and fresh look

Whether it’s a wedding makeup for brown, green, or blue eyes, we forget about smokey eyes and glitter when looking for natural makeup. However, we do not prevent ourselves from coloring the lids to give depth to our eyes. We say no to false eyelashes that we replace them with two types of mascara, one to gently thicken and the other to lengthen. We always wipe off excess mascara before use to avoid bundles and overwork. Of course, we prefer a waterproof product! Do not hesitate to bet on a brown mascara, especially if you have an angular face, thin lips, always aiming for softness and naturalness.

7. The right eyeshadow color

We start with a neutral base to prepare the entire eyelid. So it will be a light beige or a broken beige, ideally. As for the eyeshadow, it should of course be a soft color. Here we also think of beige, brown, peach, or a shade of parma or pink. We can also dare to use gold to bring light to the eyes, as long as it is not too bright but slightly iridescent. Remember to match the color of your eyeshadow with the color of your eyes and the style of your dress.

8. A sober blush

If the blush allows you to look good in an instant, you have to be careful with this product that can be too fast. Do you want to blush? So go for delicate shades like old pink, peach, or coral. Apply the tone on the cheekbone with very light circular movements to avoid depositing too much product and avoid demarcations.

9. A discreet mouth

When you think of natural makeup, you forget about bold, matte lipsticks. We prefer a tinted gloss or balm for a simple, fresh look. A bare mouth will be perfect for brides because it will avoid contrasting too much with the pale colors of your dress. Think beige or pink. Remember to redefine the contour of your lips with a pencil before applying the color.

10. Don’t forget to fix your makeup

Just because you’ve opted for light makeup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it! Once the complexion is prepared, apply a setting powder that will allow the makeup to last all day of your wedding while absorbing the excess sebum from your skin. Emphasize the T-zone, especially if you have combination skin. Once all makeup has been applied, freeze gently with a setting mist.

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