British models

British models, the most famous of the moment

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British models, the most famous of the moment in the Fashionaut post!

They often confuse them with the unstoppable American models, due to the similar English names. But British models are a beauty apart. True  English charm is hard to pin down. These women are usually thought of as slender people, with pointed faces, high cheekbones, and small, clear eyes. But Britain has for centuries been a melting pot of different races and cultures, which by joining together have generated new generations of beautiful women with heterogeneous features!

Put the British models to the test against the eternal American rivals, against the peerless French, against the venerations of the new Africa. And you will see that somehow they will always get noticed.

British models: the most beautiful of the moment

In order to draw up this ranking of the most popular and requested British models of the moment. We have done in-depth research and tried to take into account their constant presence on the catwalk at the various fashion weeks. Or their presence as ambassadors for the different fashion houses. Some of these are still icons of beauty and famous models around the world today.

Kate Moss

Another international fashion icon is Kate Moss. The English model was in fact one of the most beautiful women in the world. And still requested today by famous brands as an ambassador and model. Despite being over 40 years old, her beauty always remains at the top and continues to be talked about.

Naomi Campbell

British models
Naomi Campbell

The English Venus has been at the center of the erotic dreams of men all over the world for years. Its beauty is unparalleled, even if it is now 50, but still today it is able to turn the heads of many, thanks to a mix of physical exercise, yoga and strict diet, which allow it to always have an enviable outfit

Jena Goldsack

Jena Goldsack comes from Cornwall and is 25 years old, with a fairytale face and two eyes that enchant. She closely challenges the beautiful American colleagues Kendall and Hadid and European designers are launching her in the firmament of British and international top models, with their constant preferences.

Georgia Howorth

British models
Georgia Howorth

Daughter of art, her mother Jeny was a supermodel of the eighties, Georgia – who is 23 – inherited her refined face and seductive gaze, which she loves to play with the effect that her thick curly hair gives. Face of Hermès since 2015.

Adwoa Aboah

Calvin Klein and H&M love her, and she – a 27-year-old Anglo-African beauty with remarkable genes (her mother Camilla was also a model) challenges traditional canons of beauty with her shaved look.

Sam Rollinson

Samantha “Sam” Rollinson has been showing since she was 13 and today she is only 25 and is already a name. With his demeanor he is contributing to the fame of the British fashion house Burberry.

Matilda Lowther

Twenty-three years old, also the face of Burberry, has not lost the simplicity of the provincial girl. Born in the Lake District, Matilda arrived in London as a teenager but this is where she immediately got noticed for her genuine beauty.

Ruth Bell

British models
Ruth Bell

Twenty-three-year-old from Kent, she was accidentally discovered while shopping with her twin sister May.

Launched together in the world of fashion, Ruth soon overshadowed her twin by establishing herself with her “boyish” look.

Malaika Firth

British by adoption, of Kenyan descent, she was launched in 2015 by a talent show that made her one of the best models that year. Today his name is on the rise.

Charlotte Wiggins

No longer very young, but at 26 she is still one of the most requested names in the English fashion. The face of Burberry and above all of a super social campaign.

Edie Campbell

British models
Edie Campbell

Today, this British model is 29, but her simple, beautiful and intriguing face still attracts the great designers. The covers of Vogue have been his more than once and still today he could give young girls a hard time.

Eve Delf

Sexy is an understatement. This 23 year old British model, originally from East Sussex, has an angular face that softens considerably thanks to her large clear eyes.

The face of Vivienne Westwood and Kooples, this ranking of the most beautiful British models in the world could still climb a lot.

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